Galaga Arrangment King Galaspark

Galaga Arrangment King Galaspark

King Galaspark's theme.


King Galaspark is the main antagonist of the Galaga series and the leader of all the Space Bugs but doesn't appear until Galaga Arrangement.  He is battled in the Enemy-Comb Zone. He is a huge red fly with purple wings, but his body gets redder as the player progresses through the three phases of the boss battle.

1st PhaseEdit

When the battle starts, Galaspark simply moves back and forth from each side of the screen and summons giant Yellow Minion Bugs as well as shooting bullets himself.  Damaging him is easy especially if you have a power-up.

2nd PhaseEdit

You've made Galaspark angry, but he isn't dead yet.  Galaspark will now drift back and forth vertically as well as side to side.  He now summons large groups of various Space Bugs which can get annoying really quickly.

3rd PhaseEdit

Galaspark has had it now!  The good news is he won't summon any more Space Bugs but the bad news is he's furious and ready to finish you himself.  In between his patrols from the sides of the screen, Galaspark will have occasional fits of rage, shooting bigger bullets all over the screen and then diving towards you.

4th PhaseEdit

This isn't really a phase, as at this point Galaspark is damaged so badly that he is paralyzed so you basically just have to keep shooting him until he dies.
Galaga Arrangement Final Stage, Boss, Ending, And Credits

Galaga Arrangement Final Stage, Boss, Ending, And Credits

The final boss battle! Time to die!